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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 25, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tonight on huckabee, with the signature legislation broke the president is blaming republicans. >> one unifying principle in the republican party at the moment is making sure that 30 million people don't have health care. it is not only the gop that doesn't like obama care. >> it is a huge train wreck. >> the a ca is the most complex pose of legislation passed by the united states congress. >> democrats and irs and youns and major issues with obama care. the president said no one has a better plan. >> some say we don't have solutions. i say we do. tonight, the cost and cure.
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huckabee special. the governor's solutions to obama care. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. thank you. thank you very much. we have a great audience here. and let me say welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. all right. train wreck, hopelessly complex, will destroy the 40 hour work week and devastate working people. and those are comments made about obama care. those are made by the people who supported it. president obama rejected republican input on the bill and complained every since that the republicans are not in favor of it. i wonder if he looked around to see how many democrats are all jacked up about it. last week, i asked austin
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goolsby if he could think of a single democrat up for election running on obama care instead of away from it. can you name me any democrats who are running on his or her support for obama care to which they would like to be reelected. i can't think of anybody running with it, but they are running from it. >> that may be a fair point. i am a policy guy and not watching the races. >> i can't find anybody who said that will get me re- elected. just last month the president falsely accused republicans of not having any options of their open. >> at least they used to say we'll replace it with something better. there is not a pretense now. >> you know congressman tom price of georgia was a orth pedic surgeon has a bill that is
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full of ideas and the governors in all 50 states. >> i have been in 57 states. i think one left to go. >> well, however many states there are. 50 or 57. governors have had many creative and innovative ways to bring health care to the citizens that doesn't break the bank or require total submission to the government. no doubt about it. i have been brut will in my criticism of what would be better called the not so affordable act. i am not alone. the irs has begged to be exempted and congress and their staffs swupg a sweet little deal to get themselves subsidized to the costs on them. and half of the deadline to the law has been missed and the administration is having to hire
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tens of thousands of so- called navigator to try to explain the 2300 page monstrosity to people who try to sign up. eastbound though there will not be time to run a background check on the navigator and you might get confidential and financial and medical and social security number to felons and identity thieves. what could go wrong? ten and half years i was governor, i spent as much of my time trying to deliver health care to the citizens as anything. and in most every state, the government runs the largest health insurance pool in the state's health plan and his or her medicaid plan is the largest of the state. and so tonight, buckle up and hang on, it is going to be a show unlike any we have done before. i promise you this.
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you will hear simple solutions that work. we'll take questions from the studio audience and answering the questions that you have been sending in this week. i am not going to spend my time or yours reciting the problems of obama care. i will give you common sense solutions that could radically transform the health care system. i have to tell you, i really hoped that the president would watch our show tonight. i really did. i is not word that if the president wanted options to his train wreck, we would be presenting them. i got this response from assistant white house press secretary matt foley with the reaction. >> we ladefreaken da. >> okay, so maybe he will not stay through the whole show. but i am pretty sure you will like our solutions a whole lot
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better. i really do. (applause) all right. i am going to talk to our audience and i want you to be here with us. audience, first of all, thank you for coming and we'll have a great time here tonight. and let me begin by saying that we really don't have a health care crisis in america. you hear that all of the time. we have a health care crisis. no, we don't. we have a health crisis. people from all over the world come here for health care, don't they in why? we have good health care system. what we don't have is a nation of healthy people. and the result is the costs are out of control. so what we are going to do tonight, begin to talk about what we need to do to make the positive changes. and by the way, one of the challenges from the obama care from the beginning, it is not a health care reform system.
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it is an insurance program. that's what it is. it is an insurance program. and i want you to think about that. making people covered. and having them is a depend thing. having car insurance would give you more a gallon. and if you had life insurance you would never do i. having insurance may only give you greater access to the doctor and the real issue is addressing the fact that we are a nation that is pretty sick. 80 percent about 80 percent of the health care costs in the united states is dealing with chronic disease. we live longer and we don't live
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healthier. a fact that might shock you. 75 percent of the health care costs will happen in the last two years of life. that figure comes from dr. kepeth cooper the origin eightor of orobbics and probably someone who studied health care and the affects of health care over the longest period of time in america. if you live to be 80, that means up until 78 years old you are only spending 25 percent of the health care dollars from the last two years from 78 to 80. you will spend 75 percent. why? because we don't run to the finish line. we basically are drug to the finish line. and in the dead map and be appear and think weekend in
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bernies. that is health care. we are all but dead but we continue to spend monnethe last months of our lives and so what i want to do tonight is talk about the reasons that we are in the mess we are in. we are looking at it from the stand point of what is the crisis and costs and how did it happen and then we'll get in to the cure and how did we fix it. the president said there are not ideas and i tell you there are most certainly are. >> let me give you reasons. why do we have such an issue with chronic disease? becomely other than dpenetics that you can't fix is all behaviorial free basic behaviors cause most of the chronic disease. overeating, under exercising and smoking. what we have in this counsel row, we have a culture of disease rather than a culture of
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health. and by the way, you can so it in all forms of our culture, even depicted in the media. >> i rode a lot of mills for that day and downed a lot of doughnuts. chocolate doughnuts. they taste good and got the sugar to get me going in the morning. that's why they are on my training table since i was a kid. >> there you go. that is the issue. we are a sick nation and all of the insurance in the world will not make us healthier. and that ought to be the goal of the health care reform. we asked you at home to send us questions and concerns about obama care. here's one. >> if only 15 percent of the americans don't have insurance then why is this night mayor forced on the rest of us? >> we'll talk about that and we'll tell you why we need to prioritize prevention. that's when we come back on this
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that's when we come back on this special
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>> talk about our special edition of huckabee. common sense solution to the health care issue in america. before the break, i told you about a question from angela hodges. if only 15 percent of the americans don't have insurance, why do we all have to deal with obama care? >> it is a great question and one of the reasons that people have angst about the whole system. rather than focus on getting deliver of insurance to the uninsured, we ended up completely turning the complete health care system on its head and the result is higher costs and not exactly where we need to go. what is important.
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why has our system completely collapsed in ourselves. the reason is because the system is upside down. it is an upside down system. what we ought to be focusing on is prevention of disease. what do we focus on america entervention. we wait until people are catastrophically ill and rushed in the expensive treatment that is designed. and the result is a health care system like we have which delivers extraordinary levels at expensive intervention rather than the less expensive. what our proirts ought to be. if i were making it up this is how it would g. prevenning and secondly you can't prevent cure it. and if you can't cure it, then sure, you treat it. that's the way it ought to go. prevent it and if you can't treat. it we do the opposite.
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we focus in this country on treating things and that's where we spend most of our money and spend a little bit trying to cure and spend very little on trying to prevent and we wonder why the costs is so high? part of the reason is, part of something that may not surprise or shock you. because money is in treatment. that's where the money is. you ever heard the statement follow the money. not too many weeksing on, i had stephen breel on the show and talked about the role of money in the health care system. >> we have lived in two economies in this country. economy you and i know. hard pressed and money is tight. and then the health care economy where everybody is doing well except maybe the nurses and the doctors. but the people who sell the equipment and make the drugs and people who run the nonprofit
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hospitals are all making ridiculous amounts of money. ntherein is a lot of our problem. money is made hand overs if in the health care industry. but not going to you, to make you better. but to make certain elements of the health care providers much wealthier. and you know who is not getting a fair share of the health care dollar, your doctor? they are earning far less now than they earned several years ago. can you understand why they are getting out of medicine and nower are getting in when because of obama care? we need more doctors and not fewer ones? why would people get in the health care system? here's what is happening to us. 15 percent of the gross domestic product. gdp means everything in our economy. everything we buy, sell or rent. it is the totality.
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and the soup to nuts edition of the economy. 17 percent of it goes to health care. it is the highest in the world. most countries may get to nine. under developed countries are 1 and 2. known 63 it was throw percent of the gdp. and we now spend 2.7 trillion a year in terms of the health care system. and so if you want to know what the formula is for how it is getting this way, just think about that it is all about the money. snet snow show me the money. and okay. . you get the picture, right. let me talk a little bit about
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the health costs in the country. most of us have lived our lives in the culture. i grew up in the south and i grow up in the south and i grew up poor. i told people my own battles with health are largely geographical and economic and religious. if you grew up in the south you group with fried food. anybody here from the south? everything you ate was freewayed. everything. it was a vegetable you fry it and meat you try it and dessert you fry it and fried salad and fried meat and potatoes and finish off with a freewayed pie. you know why you fry food in the south. poverty in the south went hand in hand and you batter it you increase theical row and it was a matter of survival. we fried food that's how we survived. two of the things. what does religion have to do with it? anybody here a baptist?
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okay, do i have to tell you. when i was in grade school, i will never forget show and tell. religion. a little jewish boybrought a mennora and catholic girl brought a rosary and explained and i was a baptist. i brought a covered dish. it is the only thing i knew. you understand? much of our health is related to our culture. and another part of the reason, we have 90 percent of the health care costs that are third party payment. what is it that mean? the person who pays the bill is not receiving the treatment. if you are the patient and receiving the treatment, you have no idea what your health care costs because you never see it. and when you are not involved in what it is costing and how it gets paid, you really don't care. and guess what, most americans don't care because they don't
5:21 am
have. to insurance company is paying for it and later in the show, i will explain why that is a bad idea and tell you what we can do to fix it. solution we had. 2300 pages, complicated. here's what dr. robert payne said on our show when i asked to explain the complexity of health care. >> let me read a section and help me to make sense of this. here's what it said. medicare hospital patients for discharges in fiscal year 20 len and 12. secretary shall
5:22 am
that so manies like government gop to you. does that make sense? >> i wouldn't make it up. i do want to say this. i used to and don't need to anymore. i have got to try talking about all of us. i say all of and you say i mean some. don't you think and maybe that in itself is something. >> you want to run that by me one more time? >> i can hold it in the mirror and i grow up and i i guess it is. i would say this. and that is the second time i said that in two weeks. >> if dr. pain doesn't understand it neither do we. that's why we need this conversation tonight. neki armstrong commented. my foreis that my elderly mother will be a victim of the death panel and allowed to suffer
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before the break we talked about the so- called death panels. that is a concern for a lot of people. there is a point which the president had a form and trying to answer questions about future ever health care coverage. what about my elderly mother who is very sick. can we expect health care coverage for her? this was his answer.
5:27 am
>> at least let doctors know and your mom know maybe this is not going to help. maybe you are better off not having the surgery but taking the pain killer. ouch. don't have the surge row that will make you better but just take the pain kill and ride it out. sounds like john wayne talking about by the the bullet. that is not health care, that is avoiding health care. if we could fix it and make it different, what would we do. number one all of our coverage was personal. personal. we would also make sure that it was portable. and then we would try to make sure that what we are doing in health care has a premium base to it. let me explain that. personal means that your health insurance and audience think about this. shouldn't your health insurance owned by you and not your
5:28 am
employer? >> changes are you change jobs and change insurance. and one of the role challenges and health insurance was a creation of post world war ii america and not done that way for health purposes. it was done that way for tax purposes and so that people could get benefits without the consequences. would it make sense to fix the tax consequence instead of revamping the entire system. maybe i will share that with them. make it permanent you own your health care and you move so does your health care. that's the way you go to your life insurance. 0, you are not the same person you were. we'll not cover you anymore. and thirdly, this is important. the health care system will not be reformed unless it is pemium base. not only people on private insurance but things like
5:29 am
medicaid. if you have nothing invested, you have nothing to gain by making sure that there is any savings on the program at all. one of the great economic advisors of president obama is larry summers and said no one washes a rented car. bithe same token no one saves money if it ain't their money. co-pays and deductibles. i am not talking big ones but some that are affordable and just so that every person his skin in the game and every person understands what that cost of health care really, really is. so without that, it is simply not going to make a lot of sense. another factor tort reform has to be a part of. it doctors ought to be spending more time in the clinic looking after you know that in the courtroom answering questions from lawyers. that is an important part. it is not going to completely
5:30 am
fix health care in this country, but it is a part of it and create a high risk pool. by that, i mean, some people have extraordinary medical costs and sometimes it may be development of a disabled child or an adult that has a serious disease that requires extraordinary amounts of health care. we ought to make sure they get the help they need without bankrupt their families, it is not only merciful but makes good sense. rather than put them in the traditional insurance poll that skews the cost. remove them out and here is an area where government ought to be making some investment and being a part of that in the high- risk poll and then the insurance becomes affordable. going back to facebook comments. as a primary care doctor i have
5:31 am
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headlines when you want them on fox noews.comment >> we had a question from a facebook page. a doctor concerned she would not be able to cope her office open under obama care. in a personal survey, i talked to doctors, 186 out offon 86 face-to-face kfrgdz with were they supportive of obama care, all against it. and talked to four doctors for it and all of them on university hospital teaching staffs or sal rowed doctors and they don't
5:36 am
worry about the business side of medicine. what we ought to be doing is empower the doctors to it make the health care decision. not bureaucrats. they know where you live and care. and not only should have adequate payment for what they do. doctors save our lives and that is valuable. but what about incentive for the outcomes? doctors have an incentive not to fix you quickly because if you come back they keep getting paid. what if the doctor got it right on the first time and wouldn't it be better to reimburse him a bonus for having got it right early? doesn't that make sense? . and that's one way to keep the doctor and you, both in business. if you are going to deal with the health of america we have to do a couple of things. we have to put a real focus on what is costing us the most and
5:37 am
then we have to fund it. i remember growing up in the 50s. and i remember going to the health clinics and to the public arena where we would stand in line to get our polio shot. i know some in our audience are not old enough to know this. some of you are, and don't you dare act like you are not. and you remember the pollio shots, right. >> before known 55 people were scareed to death of polio. jon assa ulk came up with a vaccine and we got our shots and the country decided it was worth putting a focus on and we funded it. what we do today to look at diseases that cost the most money and think of it as taking a man to the moon. we need an apollo program not to go to the monagain. ol that is not a bad idea. but think of something that mag
5:38 am
to youed and concentration like we did with the manhattan project in world war ii. four diseases that are costing so much of the health care dollars. cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and altimers. and the research needs to be and government should do it. i thought you were a conservative. let me tell you why dpft gets involved. drug companies and other entitties can only invest if they think there is going to be a return. they are not interested in curing or eliminating the disease. they are interested in treatment. money is in treatment not in curing or eliminating it. the government has a vested interest in eliminating because they will be on the hook for medicare and medicaid for the most health care dollars. and instead of spending them for chronic diseases why don't we try to eliminate them.
5:39 am
you realize that sdoib in america cost 245 billion in year. alzheimmers 200 billion a year. by the way, it is expected to be almost a trillion dollars by the year 2050. a trillion dollars on one disease. a lzheimmers. what if we decided to eliminate it. it would not only be a magnificent effort, for the country and people and save the pain and hardship. but think about what it does to the economy taking a trillion dollars of expenditure and putting it back in people's well-being. how many of you think it is a better expend tower of money than just continuing to treat the disease and ragger -- rather
5:40 am
eliminate. $5 billion bonus for who ever first comes up for a cure for cancer. $5 billion bonus for who ever comes up with a cower for a lzheimmers. wow, that is a lot of money. if we are spending 245 billion on sdieb wont it make sense to bonus somebody 5, 10, 15 or 20 billion to eliminate it. that makes more sense and those are the coined of solution that we need in america and take on what is costing us most of the money in the system. terry robinson had to say this on bock bock. as a consumer, i am concerned that my premiums will increase to the point i can't afford it and my doctor will not take my coverage. health savings account is the slugdz. i will tell you how they work
5:41 am
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5:45 am
percent of the health care dollars are paid for by a third party. we need to be modelling the health savings account. hsa. what does that mope? this is how it workings. you get a health insurance policy with a high deductible with $2,500. and good chaps your employer will put the 2500 in your pocket because it is cheaper for him. and so he sets aside 2500 and it is years and the first $2,500 that you have of that year you pay for out of that fund. what if you don't spend it all. you cope it or hold on to it and pay tax or tax free roll over to the next year. 2500 might be 3500. and now you have that. and if you have extraordinary medical expenses above the 2500 that's when your insurance kicks n. you are bonused on the basis
5:46 am
of how much you manage those health care costs. imagine if there was transparency in the system which we need and you anyhow what this doctor was going to charge for an elected surgery and anyhow what that hospital would charge for the costs of the surge row and you made the same kind of decision that you make on anything else you purchase. i am not talking about emergency rom. care. i am talking about know replacement surge row. in a health savings account you have a role to pay and it is to your financial well it is to your advantage. and what if doctors didn't have to deal with complicated insurance work and practiced medicine and you want to foil the insurance, it is a simple
5:47 am
way to do it. after all. your coverage is personal and portable. and that would make a huge difference. this means medical decisions that are made on your body are a transaction between you and the doctor. it doesn't involve a government bureaucrat. i don't know how you feel about this, but my guess is, there isn't a bureaucrat in washington that cares northerly as much about how you feel, as you do. and your doctor. am i right? (applause) so doctors rather than government ought to be primarily making those decisions and they would if in fact there was a inventive for you. here is some ideas. we practiced this in arkansas.
5:48 am
we h a simple questionnaire that asked questions and gay them discounts if they were not smokers and blood pressure in the normal ranges and if their blood sugar was in the normal ranges and we gave them incentive if they were. i don't particularly think that the nanny boyconcept of government is a good one. the government telling you what you eat or can't eat. most americans bow up when someone said we can't do it. by gosh, that's what i will do. what we have to do is change from a culture of disease to a culture of sxhelt those who say we can't change the culture. in my lifetime i have seen culture changes. litter, seat belts and smoking and drunk driving. that's in my lifetime. i want you to understand i will take one of these. seat belts.
5:49 am
when i was a kid seat belts were in the car. if you wanted a seat belt it was a after market device. if you went down to a mechanic and say put a seat belt in my car. they say you want what? a strap in your car and tie yourself down? later we saw the crash dummies and realized maybe we would be better off with seat belt and now we all wear seat belts and the law is you have to wear them in all but one. new hampshire, the only state you don't have to wear the seat belt. new hampshire's motto, live fro or die. i will leave it at that. my point is this. transforming the health care system is giving you the power to transform your behaviors because it is in your best interest familiarly and in your best interest in terms was your lifestyle and the quality of
5:50 am
your life. give americans those kinds of incentives. transform the system where you have the power and i think americans, we have proven and that's why the health savings account, transparency in the system, personal ownership, portability all make an immense amount of difference in transforming the health care, delivery system of this country. it is not just about saying no to obamacare. what we are talking about is saying yes to a healthier way of living our lives because a healthier way is a less expensive way. less expensive for us and less expensive for other people. now, was that all that hard? i don't think so. jackie sanders is on medicare, but she is concerned about the future. she says "i'm worried about my grandchildren and great
5:51 am
grandchild receiving quality care." coming up, my closing thoughts for her and for you. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help . .
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. viagra. talk to your doctor.
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grandchildren and a great grandchild, and she worries about their health coverage. i can't imagine anyone thinking the way we deliver health care in america is perfect and doesn't need major nexts. but because most americans are realizing that the planning called obamacare will raise costs for most people and give unprecedented power to bureaucrats in washington to make your medical decisions for you i wanted to do a lot more than mown and grown -- moan and groan about the
5:55 am
president's plan and do something about affordable common sense solutions. many of the ideas i presented are those i actually did as a governor, and they worked. others were ideas i wanted to do, but my term ended before i could. and still others are ideas that come from other governors, doctors, health care professionals, insurance experts , business owners and most importantly, from ordinary people who have some extraordinary ideas. much of what is passed off as health carrie form is little more than capitulation to the special interests who lobby hard in congress to get benefits for themselves, not for you. washington is disfunctional not because it is run by democrats, because it is run by people who have one hand in the pocket of the lobbyist and the other hand in your pocket. reforming health care shouldn't be about your politics, but about your well being. nobody wins if we fail at the task, but if we lose and fail,
5:56 am
we are going to end up treating this as something other than what it ought to be. it ought not to be a war between elephants and donkies. this ought to be a war against disease and not against each other. i want democrats and republicans to be healthy. it will cost you and me less money. if we don't find some real solutions and just keep playing the par partisan political games with the lives of our citizens and keep continuing down this path it will cost our country and will cost our kids their heritage. i'd like to hear from you. let me know if you think we can try some real solutions. oh, and i'm gonna be watching for your messages to me whether it is on facebook or my twitter account or my website, mike can we solve these problems? well in the words of the famous politician -- >> yes, we can. >> and indeed, yes, we can.
5:57 am
from new york this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. go, go, go. three blocks up. i got it, i got it. yep yep. three blocks up. three blocks up. no problem, buddy. on the right, please. on the right. ♪
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